Mindbug Set (Beyond Evolution + Beyond Eternity)


Mindbug combines the accessibility and fairness of a si…



Mindbug combines the accessibility and fairness of a simple card game with the strategic depth of a complex Strategy Card Game. The result is a skill-based duelling card game that feels utterly different from all the other card games you have played before.

Mindbug: Beyond Evolution introduces the Evolve effect to certain cards allowing to play through a 3 stage evolution line with changing creature abilities.

Mindbug: Beyond Eternity introduces the Boost ability where you can use cards from your graveyard to give your creatures a +1 boost in power. Also cards can have effects when in your graveyard, such as making them stronger.

Those expansions can be played independently or mixed with Mindbug: First Contact or Mindbug: Beyond Eternity.

In Mindbug, you summon hybrid creatures and send them to battle against your opponent. But be careful: your opponent may use one of their Mindbugs to take control of it.

Outwit your opponent in a fascinating tactical duel in which having the best cards and playing them at the wrong time can be deadly for you.

遊戲人數: 2

卡牌對戰 | 節奏快速 | 互相牽制